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As the top nanny agency in Fresno, we’ve been looking after families since 2005. Helping families find the most qualified Nanny or Family Helper possible is our specialty. In addition to personalized child and home care, we specialize in personal assistance of all varieties. You can rest assured - because Stressed Mamas is fully licensed and insured.

Your family is our top priority, which is why all of our child care providers are rigorously screened and go through a strict background and reference check process. Stressed Mamas values a personalized experience - that's why we do the hard work of carefully searching for the perfect, qualified candidates to meet your unique family needs.  Our service recommends multiple candidates to make the hiring process streamlined and simple.      

With us, you can rest assured that your children and home will receive the best care possible.

For detailed information please download our PDF by clicking on Pricing and More Information at the top of the website.

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Stressed Mamas specializes in placing families with well qualified Nannies and Mothers Helpers. We also specialize in personal and family assistance of all varieties. Please read examples below of how we can be of service.

Available for Drop-In, Part time or Full time care

Mother and Baby

Part time and Full Time Nannies

We’ve Got You Covered

With many years of experience, each and every Nanny from Stressed Mamas has the qualifications you need to feel at ease. We work with a variety of Nannies and childcare providers to customize your process. Our Nannies assist families with:

  • Creating a safe and stimulating environment for the children

  • Bathing and dressing

  • Changing diapers and potty-training, if age-appropriate

  • Children and Family laundry

  • Planning meals, preparing food, and/or feeding the children

  • Arranging playdates and outings

  • Indoor and outdoor play

  • Educational activities and crafts

  • Carpooling or driving the children to school, activities, or playdates

  • Reading to the children

  • Help with homework

  • Organizing/sanitizing common areas of the home and toys

  • Administering medicine with parents’ consent, if necessary

  • Maintaining logs for the parents

  • Light housekeeping

Learn more about our rates and what we have to offer your family by downloading our PDF 'Pricing and More Information' at the top of the website or please complete our 'Family Application' found on this website to begin the process. The agency will be in touch as soon as possible upon receipt of your application.

Family Helpers

Drop-In Assistance

Drop-In assistance is designed for busy clients who need a helping hand but don't quite need assistance on a regular part or full time basis. Simply put, our Drop-In services are personal Nanny assistance, at your convenience, when you need it. Feel calm about leaving your home, children, errands and projects with a loving Family Helper knowing that they have the experience and certifications needed. Our Helpers are pre-qualified, trained and ready to help with:

  • Childcare

  • Organizing events and parties

  • Errand assistance: picking up dry cleaning, taking the dog to the vet, etc

  • Organizing around the home

  • Cleaning and preparing a nursery for a new baby

  • Laundry

  • Decorating for the Holidays

  • Misc home projects

  • Transportation to a medical appt

  • Grocery shopping and meal prep

  • Misc personal assistance

To learn more about our rates and what we have to offer your family you may access our PDF 'Pricing and More Information' at the top of the website or click on 'Book Now' to review our Nanny profiles and request your appointment instantly!

Picking Colors
Wine Date

Date-Night Sitters

Your Children in Capable Hands

Each Date-Night Sitter from Stressed Mamas has the qualifications and experience to provide the quality, reliable childcare you need. 

To learn more about our rates and what we have to offer your family please access our PDF 'Pricing and More Information' at the top of the website or click on 'Book Now' to review our Nanny profiles and request your date night coverage instantly!

Back-Up Nannies

For Existing Clients Only

Stressed Mama's offers our Part and Full time clients access to our network of back-up nannies. Each Nanny varies in their individual skill set but rest assured, they have strong qualifications in childcare and are covered by the same insurance as your regular Nanny. In the event they are need, our back-up nannies are happy to provide additional childcare to assist your regular Nanny.
Existing clients may use our 'Book Online' feature to instantly review available Nanny profiles and book back-up childcare with their desired care provider.

To access the 'Book Online' feature, please click the link found at the top of this page

Happy Baby
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What Clients Say About Us

Stressed Mamas is an invaluable resource for me as a single parent and as a dedicated professional who spends an incredible amount of time working and away from home. They keep my day to day home life organized and manageable. Anytime I work with them, I feel relaxed and at peace with the situation at home. I owe a great deal of my success to their dedicated and passionate service.

Scott Olds, District Director of Information Systems, SCCCD
-Current client since 2016

I've been using the service for over a year and it is great. I heard about it on the radio and immediately called, checked them on Facebook. I highly recommend. Our Helper takes care of all the kids needs, and cleans, helps with house chores like cooking, laundry, kids homework, driving kids to pm activities, etc. Easy way to pay. Very pleased.

Schnell Family
-Clients from  2014-2017

Rachel, the Owner, helped find me a Nanny years ago and she has been with us since. I don't know how our family could get by without her. She helps out with anything I need in regards to children or home. Our Nanny potty trained, and sleep trained 2 of my children! Rachel has always been there for me as far as admin support and I love that feature of this business. They are honest, caring individuals and I highly recommend this service.

Brandon Family
-Current clients since 2018

Around 2017 my family relocated to the Fresno area for my job. We had no clue where to go to find childcare for our daughter and the HR department at my work had recommended we contact Stressed Mamas to find a Nanny. 4 years later writing this review for the agency, let me tell you we are very fortunate we did. Our Nanny has been by our side and a part of this family since day one of moving here. We've now expanded our family to 2 children knowing we have a great Nanny to support our family. Potty training, flash cards, nature walks, meals, sanitization, she does it all and I could go on, our kids are smart as whips and always ahead of the game. We're so thankful for our Nanny and the agency. Rachel always helps out with any situations that come up like back-up care, taxes, all the business side of things. It's a very well-rounded experience using this agency and we can't say enough fantastic things.

Not without mentioning, my wife was very stressed re-locating here. Our Nanny offered to stay late at night so she could attend yoga classes, mixers, etc to make friends. It was quite touching to experience not only this personal care and attention to my children, but my wife's well being as well.

Jensen Family (review from Dad)
-Current clients since 2017

Simply said, finding good, quality childcare is really hard. After having countless Nannies not show up, cancel, leave us hanging at the last minute, I knew we had to make a change. A girlfriend of mine has a Nanny from Stressed Mamas who is amazing! My friend has nothing but great things to say about her Nanny so I had to call and find out more information. I utilized Rachel's services in finding my family a Nanny 6 months ago and it was a game-changer for me and my kids. Our Nanny is reliable, friendly, and really goes above and beyond for my kids. When my regular Nanny needs time off, Rachel sends me backup childcare and I truly just love Stressed Mamas. It really has taken a lot of stressful situations I dealt with as a Mother and turned them into peaceful bliss for me and the kids. Our household runs very smoothly now and really, I have Rachel and the Stressed Mamas team to thank. Even after the kids are grown, I will continue to utilize this business for date night coverage, and household help. They're amazing!

Egle & Cisneros Family
-Current clients since 2016

I heard about this service from some Moms in a playdate and immediately had to call. After gathering the info from Rachel, I spoke to my husband and he agreed we could hire a Mothers Helper 3 days a week, for 3 hours. Those 9 hours per week that we have help for our 2 children- is life changing. If it's been a rough night, I'll leave the kids with her and they love it! Someone other than Mom to interact and play with, they're in heaven! Sometimes I go for a run, to Target ALONE!, or to brunch or lunch by myself. Sometimes I take the kids out and she will stay home and tidy my house, run laundry, fold clothes, organize our pantry, etc. I couldn't be happier with Stressed Mamas. In using them for 2 years now, they've only had to cancel one day on me, and gave me a week notice of this happening. They also offered back-up childcare for the day, which we didn't need but was much appreciated. I'm very grateful this service exists. Rachel and the team are truly great.

Klein Family
-Current clients since 2019

My family utilizes Stressed Mamas for their Drop-In services. I'm a SAHM and my husband works out of the home. Our Helper comes 5 days a week, for 3 hours a visit. I'll admit it, on tough days, I am counting the minutes until she walks through that door. Our kids adore her, and so do I. We've had two different ladies over the years, both have been fun and creative, extremely reliable and really worked hard to make sure my kids are happy. Our current Helper does arts and crafts with the twins, makes cute little snacks that I just don't, swims, takes them to the zoo. Our Helper has really made it possible for me to be a less stressed out Mom so when I am with my kids, I'm a calmer mom. 

Before Stressed Mamas we were paying the neighborhood teens to babysit and after numerous cancellations, and questionable situations in our home we made the switch. This service costs more than the standard $10/hr or $50 a night you might pay a teen but I've been very satisfied and I feel, you get what you pay for.

Phelen Family
-Current clients since 2020

What a great business idea- let me make a service that provides not only Nannies, but household help also. Genius. I adore Rachel and have used Stressed Mamas for over 4 years. We have 3 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats and my husband and I are self-employed. These hands are blessed, but overflowing. We hired a Full-Time nanny via Stressed Mamas in 2018 and we've kept her this whole entire time. She's stuck with us! Our regular Nanny can't cover date nights so Rachel sends us Drop-In Helpers for that and they're so wonderful with our kids also. We also use their services for housekeeping and laundry. Not sure how we'd get by without them. Life savers!!

Ronaldo Family
-Current clients since 2018

I could not be more impressed with the service I have received from this agency. My husband and I absolutely did not know what we were doing in hiring a Nanny. Rachel was very kind, but informative throughout the whole process and I am confident that without her guidance, we would not have ended up with the amazing Nanny that we have. Nannies are in high demand, and managing the interview process with multiple candidates was very overwhelming and stressful to me. She was by our side through the entire process and really made this so easy instead of a nightmare. Our Nanny is so perfect for us! We can't thank Rachel and this agency enough! They are so thoughtful, careful and detailed, I felt so cared for and attended to every step of the way.  If you are in need of a nanny, don't go at it alone, call them!

Smithson Family
-Current clients since 2023

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